With current and proposed changes in legislation the onus is on you to ensure your staff maintain currency with RSA

In reference to RSA refresher training, OLGR are encouraging and monitoring venues to ensure all staff are aware of their obligations and that in-house training particularly in reference to RSA (intoxication and harm minimisation) should be documented.

As per the OLGR current inspection list some of those requirements include:
(please email susan@zealifi.com.au if you would like a copy of the list and guideline 60)

  • Staff being aware of their obligations and that venues can prove “currency” in relation to RSA and in particular Guideline 60 and undue intoxication measures.
  • In respect to Guideline 60, OLGR’s own inspection checklist also notes that the venue should have a RAMP or House Policy, and if necessary harm minimisation (or Alcohol Management Plans) in place for some promotions, and that the venue needs to be able to prove that staff have been “sufficiently briefed” following these measures.
  • The checklist also notes whether procedures are in place when an unduly intoxicated patron has been identified, what are those procedures, and have staff been briefed on those procedures.
  • The checklist also recommends that OLGR if required, gain a list of all staff on duty and the relevant registers (i.e. Training Register), which should include accreditation etc and the training to be signed off by all staff.
  • The OLGR have recommended that all staff sign off on a copy of the venue’s liquor license to denote that they understand it, particularly in respect to Standard and Specific conditions.
  • Licensees and staff should be mindful of Specific conditions particularly those relating to minors. 

RSA refresher training will not only communicate important legislation changes and service strategies to staff, but will also provide your staff with greater knowledge and confidence within their role at your venue.

An effective RSA refresher training session for staff communicates new incoming liquor regulations, serving strategies after 12pm, refusal of service strategies including refusing service with dignity, best practice recommendations, and an OLGR compliance check dealing with observation on consumption, ID checking and more.

To find out more information or to enquire about how we can help with a tailor made two-hour refresher training session for your staff feel free to call us on 07 3801 4131 or email susan@zealifi.com.au 

“I just wanted to take a moment to pass on my feedback and gratitude in regards to our Face to Face RSA Refresher course yesterday. It was fantastic!
The response from our staff yesterday was incredible. They absolutely loved it and it certainly was the talk of the club afterwards! They got to understand how to deal with differing circumstances and what the consequences can be should they not take their job and responsibilities seriously. They were given scenarios and taught the best solutions to avoid any unnecessary situations from occurring. As an Operations Manager, I am now more confident that I can rely on my staff to perform their duties to the highest standards and protect their fellow workmates and workplace. I can already see their confidence building.
I would like to thank Patty for her awesome delivery and encouragement to the staff to understand the seriousness of RSA which they simply do not get “online”. The way she delivers it is exceptional. She always relates it to situations they understand which is incredibly important with today’s young hospitality up and comers!!” Kristy Carey, Capalaba Sports Club 

By Zealifi