RMLV for Restauranteurs may no longer be mandatory, but important and valuable it still is. As a restaurateur, it is a course definitely worth investing in.

We believe all restaurateurs should ensure they have a full understanding of their obligations and responsibilities when holding a liquor licence in Queensland.

Here is why. Restaurant worker preparing wine glasses

A recent spate of notices being handed out to restaurateurs by the Office of Liquor and Gaming was the result of their principal activity not being adhered to. The restaurants were not aware of what their principal activity was.

Through our training and strong relationship with OLGR inspectors, we have been advised that there is important legislation that restaurateurs are not aware of, including their principal activity. Being aware of these obligations is important to minimize the risk of fines (infringements), which will in turn, lead to higher licence fees.

In recent communications with a senior inspector from OLGR, regarding a recent restaurant visit, she noted that:
“In respect to minors on premise, it is for licensees and staff to be mindful of their licence conditions because some licences have special conditions relating to minors that they have to adhere to. This has just come up recently with a licensee who didn’t read their licence or know their obligations.”

As a restaurateur, how well do you and your staff know your obligations?

We highly recommend and encourage you to join us at our Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue (RMLV) course.  It is by far the best way to learn the required knowledge to protect your restaurant and to ensure that you are up to date with legislation and recent changes that have occurred.

Not only will RMLV training provide you with your due diligence checklist, it will provide you with other licensing and business opportunities you may not be aware of.

Ensuring you are covered and protected plus learning growth areas for your business could be the best money you ever spent.

Some of the imperative things you will learn during RMLV training include:
• Rules in relation to wine that may be an effective way of boosting profit.
• What records must be kept and produced at request.
• Licensed area description.
• Are you aware of your BYO licensing requirements for alcohol and your obligations in relation to minors?
• Does your licence include special condition section 155 (4) (e)?
• Liquor advertising and promotion - what is permissible?
• Principal activity – are you complying?
• Additional privileges – what is available?

With due diligence behind you, you can focus on running your restaurant successfully.

If you have any questions or would like to book into an RMLV course call our office on 07 3801 4131. You can also book through our website https://www.zealifi.com.au/training/rmlv

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at one of our RMLV courses soon.


By Zealifi