In almost every city and town in Australia you will find a small number of hospitality businesses that stand out, are the most well-known and valued for providing excellent service to their guests. Whether they are pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, or casinos, they are stand-outs for providing memorable experiences where often you can’t even remember what you ate or drank, or what the room you stayed in looked like. Their names come up in casual conversation…for all the right reasons. You probably already know of these businesses in your area: 1. They attract lots of guests…and ones that come more regularly 2. They may charge more and definitely earn a lot more money than most businesses…and it isn’t a struggle These businesses just seem to have a great guest service culture where guests feel welcomed, valued, important, understood, special, and that they belong there. These businesses have raised the bar and it is out of reach of their competitors, who just haven’t realised it, or can’t understand how they did it. Lets put hospitality back into the hospitality business. Book RMLV courses online with Zealifi.

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Justin McGurgan